Strategies for managing earthquakes

Predict the occurrence of earthquakes-when, where and their possible magnitude Watch for the surface changes such as bulges on the ground Measure amount of argon and radon gas found in the soil above a fault. These gases seem to increase before imminent earthquakes Pump water and lubricants into fault. This allows the rock to slip […]

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Most deaths are caused by the collapse of buildings, these can be minimized if: Present building are reinforced New building are designed to withstand earthquake shock Tall building are not building in high risk areas. Single storey are built instead of multi-storey building. Evacuation route and passage ways ( for rescuer and medical team) are […]


Earthquake region

The greatest concentration of earthquakes is found around the Pacific Ocean. Another stretches from the Mediterranean sea to the Hilmalayas. Both areas are the plates moving towards each other. The volcanic belt coincide with the major earthquake zone. THE PLATES AND THE RING OF FIRE REGION

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