The largest area of tropical rainforest in the World.  Extensive deforestation have been done in Brazil , Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The clearing are due to
Amazon Rainforest
1.Housing area to provide houses for the densely populated areas such as in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo
2. Agriculture for the growth of pasture to rear cattle and to grow crop for subsistence agriculture and commercial agriculture,
3. Transport for the building of roads Transamazonian Highways. This is for accessible to the people.
4. Natural resources such as timber, mineral ores and oil can be found in the forest land.
Timber for the rising of demand in Japan , France , Germany , Italy ,USA and Canada for hardwood
Mineral Ores large deposit of gold, bauxite , iron ore, tin ore and diamonds
Oil for the building of road and  refineries for the processing the crude oil.
Problems of Deforestation
Loss of soil fertility due to no protective cover help to maintain the soil fertility since the tree roots are gone.
Soil leaching a process by which nutrient are washed deeper into the soil, cause the topsoil to become increasingly infertile overtime.
Increase in water pollution and flooding, more soil are washed into the rivers. The water quality is affected and gradually increase the silt up of the river.
Increasing in greenhouse effect as the result of deforestation, more carbon dioxide in the air and increase the greenhouse effects.
Loss of plant and animal species due to the trees are destroyed and felled down. This will destroyed some valuable plants species together and lead to extinction of animal species.
Destruction of habitat and the culture of the Amazonian Indians who are lived in the tropical rainforest for thousand years . Once the land is deforested, they don’t have a place to live, food and change the culture to live outside the tropical rainforest .
Saving the forest/ SOLUTIONS
Practising selective logging which involves the careful selection of the specific tree species in logging activities.
Selective Logging
Limiting deforestation activities, government withdraw financial help to some land clearance projects and discourage the clearing of forest for new cattle ranches.
Setting aside protected areas to protect some part of the forest and left undisturbed over time.
Setting aside tribal land reserves to protect their habitat and cultures

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