Occurs in the coastal areas in the tropics

Bring heavy rainfall and strong winds speed about 200 km per hour

Accompanied by thunder and lightning

In Japan, China & the Philippines are called Typhoon

In Bangladesh and Australia is known as Tropical Cyclones

Atlantic areas they are called Hurricanes


Develop over the warm oceans when the surface temperatures exceed 27◦C
When air over the sea get heated, it expands and rises very rapidly.
This create an area of intense low pressure.
Warm moist air rises to a great heights, condensing to form clouds and rain.
Air from the surrounding higher pressure area rushes inward in a spiraling manner to replace the rising warm air.
The air spin in at speed of about 200 km per hour, absorbing large amount of moisture and forming cumulonimbus clouds and heavy rains.

The cold air then sink, the centre of the storm is called the eye in area of calm weather marked by clear skies



Destroy life – especially in the populated areas
Destroy property- uproot trees, destroy crops and houses
Storm surges- when strong winds raise the ocean surface into a giant waves and destroy coastal settlements and flood large areas.
Flood – a covering water over land which is normally dry which are related to weather.

a) continuous rain- a longer period of rain, when the water cant seep inside the ground and more runoff

b) snow melt- snow melt and increase the volume of water in the river and runoff

c) storm surge

Droughts- unusual long period during which little or no rain falls.


Storm surges 19th April, 1990 in Bangladesh

Huge waves up to 7 m high

Destroy hundred thousand of trees

Killed 132, 000 people

Injured 458,000

Loss of large portion of their land and fish farms

Storm Surge in Bangladesh


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