People and Coast

Coastal development are for
Port activities
Coasts which are sheltered from storms and have deep waters in which ships can anchor are suitable for development as PORT.
Some are strategic location and accessible by different sea routes.
Examples the port of Singapore and the port of Yokohama in Japan.
Port of Muara
Some coast are attractive to holiday makers.
Coasts which have crystal clear water, long stretches of wide sandy beaches and have beautiful coral reefs often developed as beach resort. Examples of coasts Pulau Langkawi & Phuket
Some coast have interesting features as headland, caves , arches, stack and cliffs. Example Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia
Langkawi Resort
Settlement,Industries and Farming
Land reclamation where land is in short supply, people may create additional land along the coast. Such as in Singapore and the Netherlands.
These land are used for farming activities such as cattle rearing and cultivation of crops such as wheat and barley.
Apart from that also, they use it as settlement  consist of farmhouse, villages, towns and cities.
the Palm in Dubai



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