Coastal Problems

Flooding and erosion are two common problems along the coastal area.
These problems effect both the environment and people.
As the result of this, the coastline retreat inland and the coast become unsuitable for settlement, tourism and industry.

Coast flooding Project

The Delta Projects in the Netherlands is to control the flood. It was started in 1958 with the aim to protect the Southwestern Netherlands from floods. The coastal land has been experiencing floods in 1953 a disastrous flood took away 1, 850 lives and destroyed millions worth of property.
To solve the problems,
Dams and storm surges barrier were built to keep out seawater in times of floods.
Dams and surges
Benefits from the Delta Projects, fresh water lakes that formed behind the dams become important source of water for farming, new residential area, recreational area and roads were built.
The line red represents the dams and surges built to protect against flooding in those areas

Coastal Erosion

One measure taken place to protect the coast from erosion is to build structures such as
1. Seawalls are built on and parallel to a coast.
It protects the stretch of the coast behind it by reflecting waves away from the coast.
2. Breakwaters are built with one end and attached to the coast.
It help to protect the coast by breaking the force of oncoming waves at some distances
3. Groynes are built at right angle to the coast .
Groynes interupt the longshore drift and causes materials to deposit on side of the groynes facing the longshore drift.



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